Gurvais Matte and The Branch Playboys

have been playing traditional Cajun Music for over 30 years. the original french accordion player was Gurvais Matte’s father, the late Vinest Matte, Sr from the small town of Branch, Louisiana.

Vinest Matte, Sr. played many “Bal de Maison” (house dances) as a young child through out the French Acadian area of South Louisiana.

Having sold his accordion to get married, Vinest began performing again as a father-son band in the late 1960’s.

Gurvais Matte and The Branch Playboys have played traditional Cajun music far and wide. they have performed for the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C.’s Mardi Gras celebration, as well as the Mardi Gras festivities in St. Louis, Mo. Although the band has performed through out the South East, they perform mostly in South Louisiana from the Cajun Corner bar in Breaux Bridge, La. to special events in the La. Super Dome in New Orleans, La.

The Band has been the regular house band for the Simply Cajun Restaurant ” Prejean’s ” in Lafayette, La. for the past 20 years.